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I started around the age of 11 in having a passion for philately like my father. When I arrived in Canada around the age of 18, I pursued my passion for stamps while also developing an interest towards numismatics. I gradually started abandoning philately since I didn’t have the means to do both. The Money House (Maison Argent) was the store that I would go to buy Canadian coins and various other items from countries around the world, until the day I bought the store in 1987 with two other partners, and took full ownership of it in 1991. Over time, I incorporated a currency exchange service, since there were 8 hotels around my store and I was located very close to the entertainment district (Place des Arts). In 2003, I had the opportunity run a Montreal Numismatic Show called NUPHILEX, and was involved until 2015 when I decided to take a semi-retirement. Today, at 70 years old, I have reached the stage where I decided to put my personal collection on sale by creating my own website for the benefit of real collectors. I offer discounted prices since I can avoid paying Ebay fees for investor collectors with European requirements in grading and authenticity of patina.

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